Buy aromatic plants: The advantages of growing them in pots

When we talk about buyingaromaticplants we mean among others, the culinary plants,used as a seasoning in some dishes. These plants will give the kitchen recipes a personal, fresh and natural touch.

We tell you what are its main benefits, as well as some tips to keep your aromatic plants in pots. In addition, we also offer you a planting service of the planting species you need.

What are its benefits?

With the use of spice plants in stews we manage to decrease salt and enrich with vitamins and minerals. They also provide other benefits, such as facilitating digestion or removing gases. Each plant has different medicinal properties, such as being a natural analgesic or a diuretic, among others. The terrace or garden are perfect for planting. However, we can also have them in the kitchen or anywhere in the house in small pots.

comprar plantas aromaticas

How to have aromatic plants in pot?

Most aromatic plants can be grown in pots. They must have drain holes. Some culinary plants such as Dill or Coriander need more substrate, so keep that in mind to choose a pot size according to each species.

They usually need about 5 hours of sunshine a day, although some prefer shade in the hours of more sun, such as mint, unlike the thyme the direct sun needs. The garden substrate can be very dense for them, it is advisable to mix compost with soil and add a fertilizer. An organic one is preferable. They must be watered according to the water needs of each plant and on a regular basis.

It is necessary to remove the excess water that accumulates in the dishes of the pots to prevent the roots from rotting. Tearing the flowers when they are sprouting encourages the growth of the leaves, which is what interests us most.

With these small general tips we can decide to buyáaromaticplants and enjoy all the advantages that give us the senses and health.

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