Buy leylandi cypresses, the most suitable for hedge design

Garden designers know that buying leylandi cypress is the best option to carry out their task. This tree, also called leilandi or leyland, is perfect for creating separation hedges. In fact, most hedges that exist in houses and gardens have this type of cypress.

One of the advantages offered by ciprés leylandi is its rapid growth, which allows to form a tree barrier in a short time. In this way, the interior space is protected from curious looks while enjoying a well-kept and eye-pleasing garden.

Where can I buy hedge cypresses?

There are other varieties of cypresses, but, in recent times, when it comes to buying cypress cypressesfor hedges, leylandi is the one that has the most success. It is a hybrid between a true cypress (the Cupressus macrocarpa) and a false one (the Chamaecyparis nootkatensis). The name is due to C. J. Leyland, who discovered the hybrid in south Wales and sent the news to the Royal Horticultural Society for identification and subsequent nomenclature and classification.

comprar cipres leylandi

It has evergreen leaves, an essential feature for hedge formation, and can grow meter and a half each year. In fact, one of the care it requires is pruning, because if not done often, this tree can grow up to 20 meters in a few years. For its characteristics, its use for small gardens is not recommended.

Instead, it is perfect for medium and large areas of land that require division and, in particular, to mitigate the effect of the north wind. It is dark green and elongated trunk. In addition, it is resistant to diseases and adapts to all types of climates and soils. Therefore, it is not uncommon for garden managers around the world to decide to buy leylandi cypresses.

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