Buy paulownia, the tree that can save the planet

Buying paulownia is not only an option to decorate the garden, but it can be a gesture that helps save the planet. Can this species be the solution to the world's environmental problems? There aren't a few experts who think so.

What is the provenance of paulownia?

This deciduous tree comes from China. It has also been widely distributed throughout Laos, Vietnam and all of East Asia, including Japan and Korea. Today, it is grown on all continents. In some places it is known by the tree name Empress, as it was named after the daughter of Emperor Paul I of Russia.

One of the characteristics that makes paulownia so special is that it grows very fast. It can reach a height of almost 30 meters. As for the size of its trunk, it usually reaches a diameter of between 7 and 20 centimeters, although some specimens far exceed that size.

Because of this rapid growth, it absorbs a large amount of carbon dioxide, releasing oxygen into the process and becoming one of the largest allies against climate change.

comprar paulownia

Plant kiri tree in pot

In China, it is planted in private houses because it is a much appreciated ornamental tree. It grows on poor soils, so it can practically thrive on any type of land. However, it needs a lot of light and it is not easy for other species to survive under its branches. In addition, it is very resistant to pests and diseases.

In short, the potted kiri treedoes not require excessive care. In spring, its flowers come out, purple and in large quantity, giving a spectacular color to the garden.

Comprar paulownia can be an excellent idea: an original and showy tree that will also grow fast and improve the quality of the environment. Visit our catalog and do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information.