Online garden plants: choose plants for the winter season

The cold begins and we see with sadness how many of the beautiful plants that brighten our garden during the spring and summer season do not withstand the low temperatures and begin to languish. When this happens it means that the time has come to buy garden plants online that tolerate winter well.

Four garden floors that will withstand the winter cold

If we are not clear which species to grow at this time of year, we should not worry. Next, we will introduce you to four beautiful plants so that any garden looks beautiful at low temperatures. Also, if you need more ideas on how to decorate our garden, you can always come visit us.

- Hawthorn: With its small, lustrous green leaves, abundant white flowers and brightly colored fruits, this evergreen shrub will brighten the garden year-round. It endures the winter heroically with its cold frosts.

- Madroño: The madroño is a gift when winter comes. With its green evergreen leaves and original red fruits, they will give a magical touch to the garden.

- Wild Jasmine: Although it blooms in the spring-summer season, it has a high capacity to withstand low temperatures, so it will be possible to maintain it all year round.

- Olive: The fruit of the oil could not be missing from our list. The olive tree is a evergreen fruit very suitable to combat the winter frosts typical of our winter climate in winter.

plantas de jardin online

Now that we have disclosed some species with which to keep any garden alive and shiny during the winter, we know that it is difficult to resist getting down to business. And, in addition, with the ease that it provides us to be able to buy the garden plants online,soon we will be renewing that precious space to show its most winter side. It'll be a great enjoyment.

We offer customers who rely on our online service secure payment methods and fast shipments, along with advanced options also at your disposal such as planting custom plants, even if they are not in our stock at the moment. Do not stop asking us about those products or services that you may require in terms of the purchase of plant species and we will try to offer you the best possible solution.

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