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About us

El Huerto Deitana and its website belong to Semilleros Deitana S.L. Company dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of horticultural products in general.

We offer all kinds of plants for agriculture such as broccoli, tomato, melon, zucchini, pepper, cauliflower, cucumber, watermelon, etc.

We also serve grafted varieties of watermelon, tomato, melon, cucumber, etc.

foto empresa de semilleros Deitana


infraestructuras semilleros deitana

Own facilities with all the necessary elements to get the best plants.


It consists of three sectors, with an approximate area of 80,000 square meters of greenhouses, located in the city of Totana (Murcia). We distribute our plants in the Valencian Community, Andalusia, Castilla La Mancha and the Region of Murcia.

Fleet of vehicles.

Own trucks that allow an efficient distribution to provide the best service when it comes to distributing the plant.

Precision machinery

We have planting machines, automatic systems and everything you need to ensure the quality of our plant.

Germination Chambers

For optimal germination of each variety.


infraestructuras semilleros deitana

Let us commit to improving the quality of our products as a means to achieve the satisfaction of our customers. This improvement is a top priority for the organization that we hope to achieve by complying with and maintaining a quality management system according to ISO 9001:2000.

For this purpose, the following aspects of our activity are considered important:

Adequate customer service,both with regard to information in general and possible complaints or complaints.
Product quality. Healthy and vigorous plants for the dates on which orders are placed.
Delivery of the product on date and time as agreed with the customer.
Quick collection of containers,empty trays and carts.

To achieve this, from Semilleros Deitana S.L., we are committed to complying with all laws and regulations that apply to our organization in the same way we are committed to the correct maintenance and improvements of our infrastructures, vehicles, machinery and other equipment to ensure the quality of our products.


infraestructuras semilleros deitana

We use the latest information and communication process technology for maximum quality control in our products and services to our customers.

In the human team of Semilleros Deitana S.L. we work permanently for the continuous improvement of our plants and processes.