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They are the trees that are most commonly used ornamentally. If you want to buy cypresses for hedges here you can find them at a very cheap price. You can also visit our garden hedges section.

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  1. CIPRES SEMPERVIVENS 10-15 cm de altura

    Altura de la planta: de 10 a 15 cm Contenedor: Cepellón Nombre científico: cupressus sempervirens l.Común:...
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  2. PINO PINNERO DONCEL from 25 to 35cm (PINUS PINEA)

    Height of the plant: from 15 to 25 cm approx. Container: 12 cm diameter pot Scientific name:pinus pinea....
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  3. copy of CIPRES LEYLANDI, LEILANDI OR LEYLAND (Cupressus leylandii) cepellón

    Plant height: 15 to 25 cm Container: Cepellón Its growth is very fast making it ideal for well-toned hedges....
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