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They are the trees that are most commonly used ornamentally. If you want to buy cypresses for hedges here you can find them at a very cheap price. You can also visit our garden hedges section.

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Plant height: 25 to 45 cm

Container: Cepellón.

Tree that can reach 20 m in size.

Common name: Arizona cypress.
Dark greyish brown colour.
They give off a strong scent. Fast growth.

- Cypresses are shipped without tray
- They are sent lying in boxes
- If you want them to be sent on a tray you will have a coast. Request a quote.


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Altura de la planta: de 15 a 25 cm aprox.

Contenedor: Maceta de 12 cm de diametro

Nombre científico:pinus pinea.Común:pino piñonero,pino doncel.Crecimiento lento de unos 25m, con copa redondeada o aparasolada, mucho más bello que los demás pinos, sobre todo cuando alcanza su madurez.  Se caracteriza por su corteza agrietada y sus piñones comestibles. Resulta más elegante en ejemplares individuales.

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Height between 15 and 25cm

They are shipped out of the tray lying in boxes.

Casuarinas are a genus of evergreen shrubs and trees represented by a fortnight of species - monoeic or dioetic - accepted, of about 35 described.

Its slender and delicate branches with whorls of unconspicuous squame leaves and their strobiloid infrutescences give them the appearance of pines, but, despite what it seems, they are not Gymnosperms but Angiosperms with very particular morphological characteristics and that, therefore, have their own family (Casuarinaceae).

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CIPRES LEYLANDI, LEILANDI OR LEYLAND (Cupressus leylandii) cepellón
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Plant height: 15 to 25 cm

Container: Cepellón

Its growth is very fast making it ideal for well-toned hedges.

This hybrid between a true cypress and a false cypress currently enjoys a lot of acceptance as a species for high seto and plant screen.

It grows up to 50 centimeters per year, is not pruned below and can be trimmed as much as we want.

- Cypresses are shipped without tray in boxes
- They are sent lying in boxes
- If you want them to be sent on a tray you will have an overs cost. Request a quote.


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CIPRES SEMPERVIVENS 10-15 cm de altura
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Altura de la planta: de 10 a 15 cm

Contenedor: Cepellón

Nombre científico: cupressus sempervirens l.Común: ciprés común .Hasta los 30 m.

Este tipo de ciprés es el más utilizado para vallar y para hacer setos.

Al crecer las ramas en vertical precisa menos poda.
Crecimiento rápido en los primeros años.Como cortavientos.

- Los cipreses se envian sin bandeja
- Se envian tumbados en cajas
- Si desea que se envien en bandeja tendrá un sobrecoste. Solicite presupuesto.


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Plant height: MORE THAN 80CM

Container: Alveolo

Common name: somebody. Deciduous or sometimes evergreen shrub, 3 m high. Smelly white flowers. For hedges, such as terrace trees, entrances, etc. Sun and semi-ombra. It is not delicate for any kind of terrain. By seeds in spring or autumn; by cuttings in the fall.

They\'re shipped without a tray. Lying in boxes.

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Plant height: 25 to 40 cm

Container: Cepellón

Scientific name: cupressus macrocarpa. Common:macrocarpa. Diameter: 4-4.50 m. Height: 15-20 m. It forms a widened top pyramid.

Intense green foliage. Appreciated for its resistance to the saltpeter and, therefore, widely used for the formation of hedges in coastal areas. (temperatures: -10/-15o).

- Cypresses are shipped without tray
- They are sent lying in boxes
- If you want them to be sent on a tray you will have a coast. Request a quote.


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Pino Canario 9 pcs. of a height of 8 to 12 cm approx.

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Height of the plant: from 15 to 25 cm approx.

Container: 12 cm diameter pot

Scientific name:pinus pinea. Common: pine pine, pine doncel. Slow growth of about 25m, with rounded or landscaped cup, much more beautiful than other pines, especially when it reaches maturity. It is characterized by its cracked bark and edible pine nuts. It is more elegant in individual specimens.

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