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Plants for the garden, the terrace, to make hedges or fences.

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Scientific name:nerium oleander. Common: oleander, baladre. Shrub that can reach up to 5 meters in height and that stays green 365 days a year. It can be cut as a seto or as a tree. Wild oleander is pink. Leaves, flowers, stems, branches and seeds are poisonous. It withstands prolonged periods of drought well. He prefers full sun.
They are sent out of the tray. Lying in boxes.

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Plant height: 25 to 45 cm

Container: Cepellón.

Tree that can reach 20 m in size.

Common name: Arizona cypress.
Dark greyish brown colour.
They give off a strong scent. Fast growth.

- Cypresses are shipped without tray
- They are sent lying in boxes
- If you want them to be sent on a tray you will have a coast. Request a quote.

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Bandeja 100 uds. PINO PIÑONERO DONCEL de 25 a 35cm (PINUS PINEA)
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Altura de la planta: de 15 a 25 cm aprox.

Contenedor: Maceta de 12 cm de diametro

Nombre científico:pinus pinea.Común:pino piñonero,pino doncel.Crecimiento lento de unos 25m, con copa redondeada o aparasolada, mucho más bello que los demás pinos, sobre todo cuando alcanza su madurez.  Se caracteriza por su corteza agrietada y sus piñones comestibles. Resulta más elegante en ejemplares individuales.


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 Contenedor: Maceta de 10 cm de Ø.

flores reunidas en cimas exilares de color rosa, rojo, blanco.

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Height of the plant: from 25 to 45 cm approx.

Container: 14 cm pot

Brachychiton acerifolius, called "illawarra fire tree". semi-caduciphoric tree with straight and cylindrical trunk and a somewhat pyramidal cup, can reach 15 meters in height. The colorful flared flowers are bright red and appear before the leaves. They bloom in spring.
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Height of the plant: from 100 to 150 cm approx.

Container: 25 cm pot

Tree or shrub called stirrups by the shape of its flowers. It\'ll fill your garden with color.

Green all year round and spectacular red flowers in spring and summer!! Callistemon is a shrub that can even become a tree,ideal for warm areas and also resisting frost.

Here we show you the many ideas you can make with this wonderful and grateful shrub. Ideal for potting and being able to have it inside the house, on a terrace or patio and of course to plant it as a tree in your garden.

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Height between 15 and 25cm

They are shipped out of the tray lying in boxes.

Casuarinas are a genus of evergreen shrubs and trees represented by a fortnight of species - monoeic or dioetic - accepted, of about 35 described.

Its slender and delicate branches with whorls of unconspicuous squame leaves and their strobiloid infrutescences give them the appearance of pines, but, despite what it seems, they are not Gymnosperms but Angiosperms with very particular morphological characteristics and that, therefore, have their own family (Casuarinaceae).

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Plant height: 15 to 25 cm

Container: Cepellón

Its growth is very fast making it ideal for well-toned hedges.

This hybrid between a true cypress and a false cypress currently enjoys a lot of acceptance as a species for high seto and plant screen.

It grows up to 50 centimeters per year, is not pruned below and can be trimmed as much as we want.

- Cypresses are shipped without tray in boxes
- They are sent lying in boxes
- If you want them to be sent on a tray you will have an overs cost. Request a quote.

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Altura de la planta: de 30 a 40 cm

Contenedor: Cepellón

Nombre científico: cupressus macrocarpa. Común:macrocarpa Puede alcanzar un diámetro: 4m. Altura: 15-20 m. Forma una pirámide de cima ensanchada.

Follaje verde intenso. Apreciado por su resistencia al salitre y, por ello, muy usado para formación de setos en zonas de litoral.

- Los cipreses se envian sin bandeja
- Se envian tumbados en cajas
- Si desea que se envien en bandeja tendrá un sobrecoste. Solicite presupuesto.

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