Pepper Plants

To place pepper plants in your garden, we propose you to have a nursery of long history and wide activity, which currently comes from all kinds of vegetables to customers throughout the country. We make it easier than ever to buy the plants you want and start counting on the desired fruits in your facilities. We work with great flexibility, accepting orders by units or by standardized trays according to the particularities of each customer, and in all cases with more than adjusted prices.

However, the best thing about our commercial offer is that we grow a multitude of different varieties, so we give you the opportunity to bet exactly on those specific ones that interest you the most. In the case of peppers to plant,we offer options ranging from the Lamuyo to the Troners, passing through the Olaya, Mohay, Jaranda or Lamuyo and without forgetting the most popular varieties in our country, such as piquillo or Padrón peppers. When it comes to buying plants online,more and more amateurs and professionals take us as a reference, thanks to the quality and diversity that characterize our catalog.

Direct sale of pepper plants

Send us your order whenever and wherever you want to enjoy in a short time the plants you want, with a process of the most careful from production to home delivery. Do not stop checking the rest of our offer, since it is very likely that we have those species that you want to incorporate into your plantation.

From other vegetables as appreciated as tomatoes, cucumbers or beans to a good variety of fruit trees, palm trees or the opportunity to buy aromaticplants, all this is included in the proposal that we bring to all interested audiences, reaping the satisfaction of the different profiles that have our shop.

Pepper plants.

Pepper Plants

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