Substrate It is the basis, matter or substance that serves as a support to an organism, whether plant, animal or protist, in which its life takes place; the substrate meets certain basic needs of organisms such as fixation, nutrition, protection, water reserve, etc. The dominant substrate in the environment is the soil, on which the vegetables are supported to extend their leaves in the air; they also provide minerals and water, vital to plants; these inorganic supplies consist of: carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen. With regard to aquatic ecosystems, it should be noted that there are multiple organisms that use as a substrate a wide variety of materials including rocks and their derivatives, hence an aquatic substrate is made up of gravel, sands, smooth rocks, loose stones or mud. It should be noted that the different textures in the content of nutritious materials and the degree of stability of the materials referred to have an impact on the development and distribution of aquatic organisms.

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