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Substrate It is the basis, matter or substance that serves as a support to an organism, whether plant, animal or protist, in which its life takes place; the substrate meets certain basic needs of organisms such as fixation, nutrition, protection, water reserve, etc. The dominant substrate in the environment is the soil, on which the vegetables are supported to extend their leaves in the air; they also provide minerals and water, vital to plants; these inorganic supplies consist of: carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen. With regard to aquatic ecosystems, it should be noted that there are multiple organisms that use as a substrate a wide variety of materials including rocks and their derivatives, hence an aquatic substrate is made up of gravel, sands, smooth rocks, loose stones or mud. It should be noted that the different textures in the content of nutritious materials and the degree of stability of the materials referred to have an impact on the development and distribution of aquatic organisms.

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Selected natural blonde cloud from the natural anaerobic partial decomposition of medium gauge sphagnum accumulations.

It has a great capacity for water retention and aeration. Complements the substrate by improving soil properties in orchards and gardens.

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- Cactus Substrate is designed to facilitate the growth of cacti and all types of crass plants, as its components make them do not suffer from excess moisture.

- Provides adequate aeration.

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Substrate designed to ensure rapid growth and prolonged flowering of acidophilic plants. Its acid pH will be the ideal medium for the cultivation of hydrangeas, camellias, azaleas, etc. Composition: Blonde Peat and Coconut Fiber

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High porosity fibers (95%) which store slow-release water and nutrients, stimulates rapid and vigorous root development.

Prevents fungal proliferation. For gardening, horticulture, hydroponic crops. Ideal xerogardenry.

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- Clay balls allow for great aeration and perfect drainage, and protects against sudden temperature changes.

- Allows you to retain 15-20% of your weight in water.

- It is also highly appreciated as a decorative element placed on the surface of pots and planters.

- It is free of germs getting the natural suppression of weeds.

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Improves aeration and permeability in the root area. Pine bark regulates temperature and improves drainage.

Perlite is a mineral of volcanic origin that improves aeration and water retention. Special substrate for orchids and epiphytic plants.

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- The Orchid Substrate is designed for a wide range of orchids.

- Provides perfect aeration of the roots (very suitable for epiphytic or aerial plants), as well as good drainage and proper moisture retention.

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Composed mainly of selected pine bark (granulometry), coconut and perlite.

It ensures the drainage, aeration and moisture necessary for the correct development of the roots. Special substrate for seedbeds.

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Bonsai require their own substrate, one that respects its peculiar characteristics.

Flower, aware of this, offers this substrate based on the Japanese formula.

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Contains volcanic lava. It ensures the aeration, drainage and moisture necessary for the balanced development of bonsai grown indoors and outdoors.

Special substrate for bonsai.

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Special substrate for plants that need acidic soil to develop.

The pH of this substrate promotes proper absorption of nutrients, improves aeration and water retention. It maintains moisture and promotes the correct development of the roots and the growth of the plant.

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